Are You An Empathetic Person? Your View Of Music Is Probably Unique!

empathy and music

People with higher empathy levels view music as more than just an art form, with brain scans showing one significant difference, reports a new study.

Seeing something from someone else's point of view is something that many people struggle with.

But according to a study published in the journal Brain and Behavior, around 20 percent of the population is genetically predisposed to empathy.

This trait allows people to react to stimuli and others' emotions in a more sensitive and heightened way.

Empathy is routinely divided into two. Emotional empathy is when a person is inclined to share the emotional burden of others, while cognitive empathy describes the potential to recognize and understand the feelings of others without having to ask out loud.

Experts propose links between empathy and music, solidifying the theory that empathic people will opt for stimuli that produce relatable emotions rather than something more neutral.

While the neurological origins of empathy have been well researched, a new study has become the first to show how the brains of highly empathic people process music in a similar way to social situations.

Originally published in Medical News Today. Continue reading.